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MIN 3141The number of guardianship measures for adults in the Netherlands at the moment is about 350.000 and increasing with 20.000 each year. Most of these measures only deal with supporting the adult in taking care of his financial interests, in representing him and protecting his financial interests. Each year Dutch courts appoint about 7.500 personal guardians, preferably family members. The measures concern care decisions. But in absence of suitable family members, volunteers can be appointed. In lots of cases one of the eleven regional organisations for volunteer personal guardians (RSM) is appointed and a volunteer with a mandate from the RSM is carrying out the measure. Both the volunteers and the RSM have to meet several quality requirements for example yearly reports to the court. The activities of the RSM are aimed at an adequate intake of the volunteer, matching the volunteer with an adult client and training, supporting and supervising the volunteer as much as needed. The RSM trains and supports also family members. All the efforts of the RSM are directed towards maximising and improving the quality of life of the client and realising the best care possible. In line with the CRPD these personal guardians are trained to use their legal authority as a last resort and only if the client himself is unable to make his own care decisions. The overall education, skills, live experience and commitment in time and energy of the volunteers (human capital) enables the RSM to be appointed for adults in so called ‘complex’ cases. The challenges nowadays and the borders of what a RSM can achieve, deal with clients in prisons or forensic institutions and clients in situations where they themselves or their family members stiffly resist in cooperating with the volunteer.

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