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Schermafdruk 2018 09 14 23.09.45China is introducing smart technologies to optimize its home-based elderly care services, with some of the high-tech equipment displayed at the recently-concluded Guangzhou International Elderly Health Life Expo.

With China’s medical industry undergoing a technological revolution in recent years, the country has already been developing robots to examine the health condition of elderly people. 

Some of the latest models took center stage at the three-day Guangzhou Expo which ended on Sunday. Equipped with the latest facial recognition system, one of the robots was able to carry out a physical examination and offer corresponding medical advice based on the user’s needs.

“This robot is able to identify facial features and even the coating on the tongue to carry out a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) health check. It is also able to conduct ’emotional’ tests . . . . . read more


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