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Schermafdruk 2017 12 24 20.09.35Elderly care is a giant market in China, the elderly residents are progressively growing; the demand for nursing home is raising high in China. Private investors have been active in the Chinese nursing home market, what is possible model for nursing home market? How about the market environment and operation of elderly care institutions in China? Why making it a success is a challenging task? Recently, China issued related policy; higher quality standards set for elderly care institutions. Ministries responded to a series of recent public concerns, including administrative approvals, elderly care institutions which stated that, Care homes for the elderly are required to help their residents are better connected with the outside world by providing enhanced communication facilities and services, according to a draft drawn up after a public survey on basic quality standards for care homes. The draft, released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Oct 19, 2017 said that staff members should treat residents with dignity and respect and protect the private information of the residents and their visitors. In addition, the living environment and facilities should be improved to enhance care for the elderly, the document said. Government intervention has kept the price of elderly care relatively affordable low compared to other housekeeping businesses to ensure it is reasonable, Currently, 18 provinces and municipalities in China offer subsidies for people above a certain age. Beijing provides a 100-yuan (HK$126) voucher every month to people more than 80 years old to buy either food or services. But the elderly face many restrictions . . . . . . . read more


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