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Schermafdruk 2017 12 04 11.59.17The most suitable field for insurance funds to invest in is silver industry. Currently, China Life, which is the largest life insurance company in China, is pushing forward its systematic investment in the silver industry, covering institutions, communities and home elderly care. As a key step of the investment course, the flagship project of China Life Experience Center of Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Project is planned to put into use by the end of this year. Projects in Suzhou, Tianjin, Sanya and Beijing will be put into operation in 2018. It is getting obvious that China Life will develop chain projects in silver industry and make them as platforms, but what specific action will it take to achieve this goal? To find out the answer, our reporter did an exclusive interview with Yang Hualiang, the Vice-president of China Life Investment Holding Company Limited, which is responsible for China Life Group’s business in the silver industry. Shanghai Securities News: How big will the China silver market be? What scale of investment will China Life reach in the future and what layout will it be? Yang Hualiang: From the Report on China Silver Market (2014), we can see that China is now at the first phase of an aged society, which gives it potential to become the largest silver market globally in the future. The mid and long-term investment layout of China Life will be “three cycle-layers”: The first cycle layer is to cover the . . . . . . read more


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