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Schermafdruk 2017 10 17 12.31.23During The Hague Age-Friendly Cities conference 2017 Sun Huizhong, director of the Suzhou Welfare Institute (SSWI) spoke about Ageing in Suzhou, China. It's clear that China is facing this challenge and it's impressive to hear and see their policy and the thoughts behind. SSWI is connected with the city of The Hague since 1998. The first cooperation was with the Gemeentelijke Dienst Verpleging en Verzorging (GDVV). Later started formal cooperations with Frankfurter Verband ans Jan Booij Advies. Since 2016 there is a cooperation with The Hague University of Applied Siences (THUAS). If you are interested to hear more, please click on the photo and the videospeech will start.


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