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Schermafbeelding 2017 01 14 om 22.43.35Every Tuesday and Thursday are the most cheerful days for Peng Tingyu, 72. She gets up earlier and prepares herself a decent breakfast. She leaves home at 7:30 a.m. and sets off to the Guangzhou Senior University, where she takes piano and singing lessons. She insists on arriving at the school 20 minutes before classes begin. “I have never been late for classes since the first day I came here, not even once. I always come earlier to get myself prepared for the lesson,” Peng said proudly. She heard about the school six years ago from her neighbor, who was also a student at the Senior University. At that time, Peng’s everyday life was only accompanied by a newspaper, grocery shopping, cooking and TV. After cancer had taken away her husband 10 years ago, she lived alone in an old apartment in the city center. “At that time, I only had one friend in Guangzhou. That’s my neighbor. Most of my friends were in Shaoguan, a small place in North Guangdong Province. It’s where I used to live before retirement. After I had moved to Guangzhou with my grown-up kids, I lost all of my social connections. It wasn’t until my husband passed away did I realize how lonely and isolated I actually was in this seemingly crowded city,” said Peng. Six years in the Senior University brought not only knowledge but also friendship.

“I have made lots of friends from the classes. We hang out together during weekends to go hiking or . . . . . read more


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