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Schermafbeelding 2016 12 21 om 17.31.56

Recently, the Zhuhai municipal government issued the "plan for the city's elderly care system and the development of the elderly care services". It was announced that by the end of 2020, Zhuhai will establish a social pension service system which will suit the population's aging process and be coordinated with economic and social development. In the five years to come, Zhuhai will make a series of big moves. In 2016, a system where the government will pay for the elderly care services will be established. In 2017, the establishment of the home-based care information service platform will be finished. In 2018, the green channels will enter all of the city's medical institutions and in 2019, door-to-door services for the elderly will cover all the urban and rural communities. Specifically, five categories of tasks will be completed in the next five years, including the establishment of the basic senior care service policy guarantee mechanism, intensifying the construction of senior care service facilities, promoting medical car and elderly care service integration, improving employee training and developing sports and entertainment services for the elderly.

According to the plan, three service standards will be . . . . . read more


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