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Schermafdruk 2016 07 25 20.34.30Tianjin establishes and optimizes the basic endowment insurance and basic medical insurance system, improves the minimum living allowance, relief fund of the poverty-stricken, allowances for entitled groups and the subsistence standard for household enjoying the five guarantees (childless and infirm old persons who are guaranteed with food, clothing, medical care, housing and burial expenses). It accelerates the development of social welfare and philanthropy and strengthens the construction of elderly care organizations and services system, while pushing programs to help the disabled. Tianjin gives priority to livelihood guarantee and improvement as economy develops. By trying to make breakthrough in guaranteeing the social insurance for the poverty-vulnerable group and coordinating the urban and rural social insurances, it strives to optimize social security system and to provide support for a harmonious society. By adjusting the basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, the basic rural endowment insurance system and new rural medical cooperative medical system, Tianjin creatively united the basic endowment insurance and medical insurance systems and realized the integrated urban-rural basic endowment and medical insurance system. With a focus on the social security laws and regulations as well as service system, Tianjin makes an overall plan to coordinate social security system for urban and rural residents. It takes the lead to realize the urban-rural coordinated development of endowment and medical insurance systems. It has issued the Regulation on Basic Medical Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents in Tianjin and Regulation on Basic Old-age Security for Urban and Rural Residents, which improve the basic endowment insurance and medical insurance and advance the social and economic development in urban and rural areas. Tianjin makes three innovations to push the urban-rural integrated social insurance. First . . . . . . read more


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