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Schermafdruk 2016 06 24 07.45.12China has a lot of people. And it also has a lot of old people. In a recent note to clients, US Trust's head of market and thematic strategy, Joseph P. Quinlan, shared a chart showing just how staggering the number of people in China who are 65 and over is. According to the note, based on UN population estimates, there are a whopping 138 million elderly Chinese people — a number that's greater than the combined elderly populations of Italy, Germany, Japan, France, and the US. In case that comparison isn't stunning enough, Quinlan adds that China's elderly population alone is the 10th largest population cohort in the world — just a teeny bit smaller than Russia's entire population, which is around 143.5 million. "And the figure is only set to grow: the pace of population aging is much faster in China than other countries across the developed and developing world . . . . . read more


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