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It's never too old to practice yoga. An old man teaches yoga for free three times a week in Hangzhou city, East China's Zhejiang province. Le Mingchao, 72, one of the few senior yoga instructors in Hangzhou city, has taught around 20 students yoga since March 2015. All of his students are middle-aged, even elderly people, and among them the oldest is 81 years old. "I want to help the elderly people participate in different activities. If needed, I will increase my courses," said Le in response to the increase in demand for yoga classes by the elderly. As for how he started doing yoga, Le said: "I didn't start doing yoga until I practiced all the courses and equipment in a fitness center after retirement, because it was embarrassing for me to learn yoga whose participants are almost female." Le began practicing yoga when he was 63 years old, and he fell in love with yoga half year later, though he felt pain at the beginning. Besides ranking fourth in a yoga competition with players aged 35 and older in 2014, the old man spent 10 days learning yoga-related courses and practicing yoga to get a senior yoga instructor certificate, while most of his younger counterparts quit half way.
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