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Home Health Care in China As a Cost Effective Strategy

As China’s population continues to age, both the public and private sectors will need to work together to develop solutions that bring cost effective healthcare to the elderly.  Thus far, the central government has publicly stated its policy, commonly referred to as the “90/7/3” framework.  This policy means the Chinese government wants to see 90% of all seniors receive the care they need in their homes, 7% through community hospitals, and 3% through nursing homes.  As of today, the supporting policies that will clearly signal to private investors what exactly to make of the 90/7/3 policy have not fully emerged.  China’s government does provide a small per-bed subsidy for investors to build new nursing homes as well as an on-going subsidy paid out monthly, also calculated on a per-bed basis.  But these two incentives are only directed at 3% of the solution; the other 97% do not yet have enough support to ensure the right amount of expertise, innovation and investment occur.  This lack of support is particularly important for the home care and community care groups because both will require active home healthcare agencies who can deliver a full continuum of care in the homes of China’s elderly.

Home Health Care Developments Around the World

In developed economies around the world, home healthcare is one of the most vibrant and growing healthcare delivery models.  Hospital systems are working to integrate home healthcare services into their care plans for elderly patients as well as individuals with long-term medical problems such as spinal trauma or neurological diseases like ALS.  Doctors determine when a patient is ready to be discharged from the hospital and is ready for home healthcare.  For elderly patients, the doctor will often . . . . read more


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