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In a reversal of Footloose, the young people are telling the old people to be quiet. Crowds of dancing retirees have recently become a common sight in China’s urban squares, as guang chang wu, a type of organized group dancing, has taken over the country’s public spaces. Most enthusiasts are dama, or older women, who crave social interaction and exercise. But the round-the-clock hours they keep, and their blaring pop music, are prompting vitriol from fellow city dwellers. My father’s wife, who is in her 30s, recently found herself screaming obscenities at a group of very noisy seniors who had taken to dancing outside her apartment in Guangzhou.

Some enraged bystanders have hurled garbage and excrement at the dancers. Others have taken to Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, to denigrate guang chang wu grannies and grandpas in shocking language. Some insults riff on a popular dance move, a zombie jump inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video; . . . . read more


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