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At 8:00 a.m. on March 20, 2014, upon a whistle blown at the gate of Suzhou Park, 34 retired elders mounted onto bicycles and set out for Xuzhou. The one-way distance of the cycling lasts more than 600 km. They would spend 6 days in cycling for the Third Jiangsu Cycling and Social Gathering for Middle-aged and Elderly People to be held in Xuzhou from March 26 to March 28. Li Ahu, 79 years old, is the oldest member in the team. Besides, there are also two women members. Since its initiation in 2010, the Jiangsu Cycling and Social Gathering for Middle-aged and Elderly People has been held once every two years. Suzhou will send more than 150 cycling enthusiasts to attend the gathering in Xuzhou this year. Suzhou cycling team always rode to participate in cycling activities held over all China, which formed a beautiful eye-catching scene. In 2012, the 20th National Riding and Social Gathering for Middle-aged and Elderly People was held in Dandong, Liaoning Province. More than 30 riders spent 20 days in cycling over 1500 km for the gathering.

"They have to ride more than 100 km on average each day. Due to the time limit, they have to do so even in rainy days," Wang Liangqi, Secretary General of Suzhou Cycling Association told the reporter. In addition to the necessities such as dry provisions, water and repair kid, every member took the publicity materials for the 2015 Suzhou WTTC including banners and brochures made by themselves. They delivered . . . read more


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