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Compensation for houses enables apartments owner to improve the quality of life for elderly in Wuhan. When 33-year-old Chen Qing became the owner of 35 apartments worth more than 40 million yuan ($6.5 million) in downtown Wuhan, Hubei province, as compensation after his two houses in the suburbs were demolished in 2008, he resisted using the assets to expand his family's catering business. He thought instead about the plight of his grandparents before they died, and decided he wanted to improve life for the elderly. Chen sold nine of the apartments to raise capital and converted the others into a community care home for the elderly in July 2013. Covering some 3,700 square meters, Chen's care home is the largest private care home in the city. Young people like Chen who become wealthy overnight because of demolition of their home are often called chaierdai, or the demolition second generation. He doesn't like the title, preferring instead to be known as the president of the Big Family Nursing Home. "My family was poor in 1990s and my grandparents were bedridden for years before they passed away. Because of poverty they did not receive the good care old people receive these days in nursing homes," Chen said. "Their poor experience is the biggest regret of my life. My greatest wish is to help more old people have a better life in the final stage of their lives," he said. Chen studied in Australia, graduating with a major in business information management, and he completed a master's degree in the same subject. Before returning to China, he held a good job in Australia with an annual salary the equivalent of more than 400,000 yuan. "I did not like living overseas and hoped to establish my own business when I came back to China," he said. 

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