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We asked some of the leading experts in the elderly care and rehabilitation sector in China to shed some light on the industry’s latest developments and to provide advice to foreign equipment manufacturers wanting to enter or expand in the Chinese market. Keep reading to learn some of the key points we discovered during our interviews.

If you are active in the elderly care or rehabilitation sector you are probably well aware of the potential the Chinese market holds. Because of China’s greying population there is a growing need for elderly care and rehabilitation facilities and consequently the market for rehabilitation and assistive devices has been growing at a fast pace.

However, because the market is still in its infancy it also poses considerable challenges. Foreign companies that want to successfully compete in the rehabilitation and elderly care sector in China should therefore be well informed about what to expect when entering the market.

Let’s take a quick glance at some interesting sector developments.

There is a growing need for elderly care and rehabilitation facilities. By 2050, Chinese senior citizens will number approximately 350 million, representing nearly 25% of the population. The country is however inadequately prepared for its greying population and is now playing catch-up to develop a suitable infrastructure to support its elderly demographic. In addition to having the world’s largest elderly population, China is also home to 65 million people with disabilities of which 80% cannot live without . . . . . read more


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