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Wang Weihong, a caretaker at Loufeng, goes to Jingcheng Residential Community in Suzhou Industrial Park taking care of centenarian Gu once every two weeks. She is a member of a special team caring for the elderly at the neighborhood. With the growing aging population and "empty nesters", the communities face the problem of how to provide better and more convenient services to senior residents. Jingcheng has found a solution.  Jingcheng initiated a special program taking care of the local elderly in October 2013 and the volunteers included professionals from Kowloon Hospital, Genway Property Management, Loufeng Household Service, psychological consultants, as well as local store owners and social workers. The services cover healthcare classes, theme lectures on physical and psychological health, physical checkup, trips and outings, shopping, and meeting. The goal is to help the old people mix up with each other and enjoy life.  There are two special services available at Jingcheng, the hospice care and the taking-a-break service. The former focuses on the palliation of seriously ill patients' pain and symptoms, and the latter allows those taking care of their loved ones for a long time to take a break from heavy work. At Jingcheng, the hospice care focuses on life quality instead of prolonging the life of patients. A professional team attends to all the needs of the old and the sick.

To give the senior spouse a break from taking care of their families, the community committee joins hands with Loufeng Household Service and sends experienced nursing workers to those in need once every two weeks. The service is free. See more here!


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