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Loneliness is a common problem for the growing number of elderly in China. In Wuhan, one of the solutions is a home based care project for the elderly, providing services for tens of thousands of senior citizens. Every morning at around 8:30, 92-year-old Du Lizhen, goes to a care center for the elderly, 10 minutes walk from her home. The center was built by the sub-district government at a cost of 2 million yuan, providing company and entertainment for hundreds of people. Du Lizhen likes to play mah-jong with her friends; she says it helps keep her brain active. "I’ve been living in this district for 46 years now, and I am so grateful for local government for opening this center. The staff are so kind. They’re even more considerate than my own children who can’t always be with me.” Du said. Du is not the only one who’s satisfied. The 800-square-meter service center provides facilities for a range of activities, like reading, exercise, singing and dancing, and surfing the internet. A local civil affairs official says there are 9 other centers like this and 40 smaller ones in the district. They’re designed to be within ten minutes from the homes of the people they cater to. "The district government has spent 15 million Yuan on building and running these centers. This year we’ll spend twice as much, providing services for more senior citizens." Zhao Jun with District Civil Affairs Office said. But most of the elderly still have no access to these facilities. There are nearly one and a half million people over the age of 60 in Wuhan, 17 percent of the city’s population. Less than 20 percent of them have access to a care center. The municipality says it aims to raise that to 90 percent. Living in their own homes, but, . . . . . read more


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